Episode 42

I am going to do my best to give a rough recap of the events over the last few weeks.  I think even those of us that have been there could benifit from it since things have been moving kind of fast.  Awhile back we ventured to the temple of the 9 dragons in order to negotiate a sort of agreement with them.  This was done so that the people of Overland would have the two strongest churches in Exodus represented.  While there we were told of the plot of the many Necromancers on Exodus to raise a Devil Lych and how the Church of the 9 Dragons had been working to thwart this

The party teleports back to town, but find that the yare in the midst of a large scale undead invasion.  The group manage to defeat the wraths around town and decide that their best chance is to restore the Torch of the Burning sky.


Tomorrow we make another journey back to Chrystaria in an attempt to restore the Torch to its full power.  Filgred believes this to be the key to restoring Exodus.  I can only pray to Hestia that we are doing the right thing.  These ideas and things Filgred spouts about time travel and paradoxes none of it makes any sense to me.  The only thing I do know is that he himself said if we push too hard everything we know will come to an end.  Hestia guide us.  Help us restore the world to what it was and help us defeat the Devil Lych Fource.

I probably should be more winded, but good session. It really paced well and it should be interesting to see what happens in Chrystaria.  I wondered if the party even remembered how to time travel.

The party recovers from a successful assault on the castle of Korstull after returning to Overland.  In the mean time, the devil lich's ressurection may be near.


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