Exodus Whispers in Dark

All good things must come to an end
Darkness is coming.. What path will you choose?

I'd love to get in a game before gencon.  Whose available at 11 a.m. Sunday to about 5 p.m. 
I have to be on a train by 6 p.m. so this works with my schedule.  LEt me know if this works  for anyone. 

I got word today at work that August 10th I'll bein Chicago, so this upcoming session (August 3rd) will be our last game until August 24th. 
BTW, there's some new info on the webpage.

Ready to get things started for this weekend. I'll post the rest of the calender next week. The dates we are playing are July 27th, August 3rd, and August 10th. Then we're off August 17th
See you Sunday at 4

Hi guys,
Just a reminder for this week. I erred in my talking at the last session. Your damage should only be doubled if your base attack is equal to 11, not your level. 

It has been little less than an ingame month and the town of overland is steadily growing.  At 4,021.  You may gain 12th level.
Congrats to Jur last week for winning player of the game.  Overland welcomes the official church of Hestia to Overland as well as our new Taylor Way'lan.  Wayl'an has influenced the happiness of the town whereas Will has begun teaching classes and increasing happiness and education of the land.  As well his newly trained priests are aiding in the defense and law of the land as well. 

HI Chrystarians,
Good session this weekend.  The guest was really good and I would'nt mind him coming back.  Though I'm not sure if I"m ready for a permanent six player yet ( i still want to get some more estrogen in the room).
Everyone should level up their character to 11.  Again, use the pathfinder Alpha version 3 book downloadable online.  Also, I am allowing the feats to be used from the Experimental Book of Might 2
Your city stats are

Hi Everyone,
It doesn't look like we'll have anywhere near a full session tomorrow (i believe it would just be me, rika and josh) . , so we'll go ahead and cancel and resume next week.

Good session last night.  A very epic battle with the pcs vs. waves of undead and a band of devils . Unforunately it appears that Lauro may have been permanently stoned by the Demon Retriever.
NO player of the week poll, i think everyone did a great job playing other characters.
The next session is this sunday same time. 
Town Stats:
Town has 2,595 citizens
The town has high rankings in law, education and defense but low in commerce , health and happiness.

HOpe all had a good mother's day.
We'll continue game this Sunday.  I want to make sure that I get your correct village information.  So I'llsend out another newsletter from home tomorrow. 
Congrats to Malenok and Everest for winning player of the game.
Talk to you later,

Website Change
I am finally getting settled in to fixing the website.  First, Player of the Week will receive 100 karma.  When a player accumulates 5 player of the week,  they receive a 10 percent coupon for the store.  Instead of a blog of the week, players will be able to issue one kudo a week to a blog they enjoyed. this player will automatically receive xp for it. Players will not be able to send kudos to themselves.

Sent out an email to everyone.  It pretty much explains that we're going to tr;y an experimemnt out.  I am not sure if everyone got the attachment. I need everyone to rebuild your character, minue any oaths or non-level related bon;uses using that Paizo Pathfinder Alpha 2 book.

Hi everyone,
This week, you managed to save the Yu'anti race from extinction.  Should be fun to see what is in store this week.  Oh, almost forgot. Congrats to Malenok for being the first party member to curse the group.
Player of the Game
Congrats to Raehci winning playero f the week a couple weeks ago. I forgot to put up a pole last week. 
Magic User's Rule Change

Hi Chrystarians,
Congratulations, everyone levels to 8 this week.  You should gain 1 ability point as normal with every 4th level.  As this is an even level, you may either gain a feat or gain an oath or ability.  We'll roll HP at session.
Difference in XP

Hope everyone had a good easter. 
Congrats to LIghtbringer again for winning player of the week with his intense devotion to faith. 
I posted the final document, a writeup of he rules for AoO and special attacks.  This is a cut and pasted document from Paizo's Pathfinder RPG which is another post 3.5 document.

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Town Statistics

Population: 4,019
(City Goal: 16,200)
Law: Somewhat Control (30) (55)
Education: unSkilled (32.5)   
Happiness: dissapointed (25)
Health: Sickly  (35) (25)
Defense:  50/50 (30) (55)
Economy: None (-5)

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