Chrystaria Chronicles by Mognet

Just a reminder that we'll be getting together this week and next.  Crossing fingers and hoping everyone's here.
The decreases in many of the town stastics relate to events fallout from this week and evelations this week.
Shoot me an email if you have questions.

Hi all there was no game last weekend, so we are playing this week as if it were last. 
We will be starting game at 5 p.m. this week.  Sorry, got to go to dinner with dad first, but at 5 p.m. we will be back home and ready to play.
Read last week's newsletter to get up to speed. 

Hi all there was no game last weekend, so we are playing this week as if it were last. 
We will be starting game at 5 p.m. this week.  Sorry, got to go to dinner with dad first, but at 5 p.m. we will be back home and ready to play.

Hey guys just thought I'd send a formal email. We're canceling game this unday but picking up the week after

This is an edit to the original house rule.  In order to be inclusive, to all damage, all damage is multipled by the following scale for a full round action depending on your base attack.
BASE attack: 6 - 12 = 1/2 damage to attack (1.5 damage)

BASE attack: 13 -16 = double damage

BASE attack: 17 -20 = tripple damage

All of the exodus is up online.
Classes not only contains the classes, but the systems and spells associated with the classes. 
Races contains races.
The sage book contains fluff on the world.
Rules and combat options contains the changes to hit points and feats as well as options for maneuvers and stunts.  Maneuvers,take a penalty to your attack to perform a non damage alternative. Stunts combine skills to attacks for additional effect. 

Hi Chrystarians,
Finally got to some new features of the website dealing with Karma. First, the store is now working. There are some wierd backend things they've added to an update, that made it not work for a while. But it works now.
Best thing is that votes now earn user points.  So the new user points work as followed

Hi Chrystarians,
Good session last weekend.  Though we started a bit late, the session really moved. 
Arden has posted both a session report and a journal. Both very informative and a good take on what happened.  Just a reminder that all journals and player of the week votes have to be in by Saturday to count towards your XP. 
See everyone sunday at 4p.m

Two more things.

One, i changed the website around a bit to make some things clearer. I think matt had a hard time finding the store. Now the store is called Popes Mart. 

I also raised teh cap on how much karma a character can have to 10000.

All of the written episode stuff can be found in the content section and the image gallery was renamed.  Recent blogs can also be found now on the menu to the right. 

Hi ,
I awarded player of the game and journal of the game awards.  Congrats to Arden for winning player of the game.  It was a tie with the deciding factor being the inciteful journal put forth by ARden this week.
Journal of the week went to Will. Another tough one. All of them were very intriguing as far as the character, but Will had a very creative way of putting it forth.  Also very interesting how upfront the character is. 

Hi Chrystarians,
It looks like we will be playing this weekend after all.  From 12 to 5. I'm asking everyone to show up on time as the earlier we start the sooner i can get ready for the superbowl.  ;). 
I provided XP. Now we're back to typical adventuring xp ranges which is 500 + whatever you earn on the website. 
The summary is also posted.  It really sucked to loose Lindev.  i liked the character a lot and thought it was far before his time. I"m sure ther will be a big parade for him in Seaquen. 

Hi Chrystarians,
Just a reminder, you got until Saturday to have any journals or votes count towards player of the game. 
Midlevel brings about a lot of little things I said I'd get back to in in the middle of teh campaign. ONe of them was multiple attack rolls.  Last year we added a d 6 but that does not seem to scale well with the various weapons.  Then at higher levels a lot of dice started hitting the table and it became pretty pointless to get away from.
So I came up with this. 

Hi everyone,
Good session last night. Once again Matt's logistical presence was missed but at least only one person managed to die. 
I just provided karma and updated everyone's levels to the proper amount. 
Last night we had a guest whom hopefully will be a new player. I'd like to say thanks to Keith for coming out.  I think he'll fit in very nicely.

Hi Chrystarians,
I think we'll go ahead and have chrystaria this weekend and hopefully the next couple of weekend and hopefuly return to matt's house the first weekend of february to watch the superbowl and  beat you in the Gas game.  I think my brother plans on stopping by so it should be interesting.
In any case w'ell pick up where we left off.
There's a change in the player of the week poll. for the next game you only have to vote for one player.  With only 4 players it makes hte math a bit better. 

Hi Chrystarians,
We're on break for two weaks, going to Matt's house to do whatever he has planned for us.  I"m campaigning for a superbowl party at matt's house but to little or no avail right now. 
We'll probably do another session over there too early next month (other than superbowl)  depending on how stressed i am.  I'll tell you this, never work with a rival who you have suspected of being a hack and now have confirmation of it. 
In any case spend all your karma and get your money in now.

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