Upcoming Ironborn Trial Galvanizes Overland Council

The highly anticipated trial involving a recent ironborn attack on innocent bystanders in Overland set to start in two weeks is already causing waves amongst the populace. As local civic leaders attempt to maintain control, word is spreading that the council is divided about what action to take with this rather unique situation. Ironborn founder and Church of Hestia devotee, Lightbearer was arrested yesterday after he rampaged through town two days ago in a stunning murder spree which left numerous Overlanders dead and their families stunned. Special prosecutor Sarah Ridalfo has painted the Ironborn as a vicious killer that has gone berserk. She is expected to demand that he be punished to the full extent of the law. In what is expected to be a landmark case, the punishment of the Ironborn is, at this point, speculative. Overlanders are split about what should happen to the Ironborn. As Lightbearer was brought in by his former colleagues, an angry mob gathered outside the jail, only to be sent homw by Church of Hestia High Priest, Will Ridalfo. Our news on the street indicates that Lightbearer has a high mountain to climb if he wants to keep his life. While there are members of the council who want to see justice served, there are still those who have already made up their minds, and those still who have a vote for sale.  Waylynn and Kain are expected to vote for Lightbearer's innocence, regardless of the evidence; Halen is leaning toward guilty, although he is willing to listen to the defenses position; Idania needs to be convinced that Lightbearer is safe; Cecil and Maran are expected to vote for Lightbearer's guilt; Cid and Benid are anxious to see justice served, regardless of the outcome; and Doyle admits to accepting a bribe in exchange for his guilty vote. Only Will Ridalfo was unavailable for comment in this matter.


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