Episode 46: Mediation

Diverting from their aim to bring an economy to overland, the group, went back to overland and discovered turmoil. Lightbearer and some unknown metal creature laid waste to a quarter of the town, killing many of victims.
Reorganizing priorities, Everest, Raechi and Malenok helped the cleanup of the town and tried to figure out what happened. All that Lightbearer was heard saying during the attacks was that he was setting things right and that he was looking for Everest, Malenok and Barley.
Everest set up a meeting with LIghtbearer a few miles from town, Toren, Raechi and Malenok joined him.
Lightbearer joined him with an Inevitable called The Quarat.  The Quarat was in charge of adhereing to the laws of the timeline and was to take the three into custody.  Toren objectived heavilyg with this, (as he invented a device to control lightbearer).  The Quarat said that lightbearer was appointed his new apprentice by the Judge, and that she had deemed the three with multiple crimes.  The most major of which included killing Celestial Badger 445.  /They were also charged with extreme tampering of an exstablished timeline,  of which the kiling of the citizens was to begin setting things right by exterminating people who did not belong in this time and whose presence may interupt future timelines. Filgred was beheaded and taken to the Judge to face sentencing.
After a brief argument, Malenok agreed to go with the two, but before he could be taken into custody the Time Flayer and Time Walker bot happeared, exclaining that the three (and other members of the party) should go into custody with them. The Quarat and Time warriors fought and disappeared, while lightbearer was taken out of existance for several minutes.  Everest put him into custody and was brought back to town. In the process, they removed the time armor off of him which they believed was manipulating him as it may still have the essence of the Slain Time Dragon.
Malenok was suppose to fly back to town to meet them, but in two he weeks he has still not been seen. Will has sent expert search parties to look for him, his fate is unknown.
Despite the town's cries, Everest demanded a trial be had and the party would defend him.   Over the next two weeks, as the town rebuilds, Raechi questions the judges as Everest protects the judge


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