Episode 44: Temple of Eternal Souls

The party discovered a young pale elven woman i nthe forest, Fayne, whom brother was kidnapped by the elven guard.  While Toren and Raechi followed, Barley and Jur, posing as lost villagers from Lanai went back to the camp. Malenok befriended the elven woman and agree to free her brother from the prison.
Fayne jumped the gun, charging into the camp and nearly killing the commander. The remainder of the party helped free her brother and Fayne after she was captured. They led the party to the river and tunnel that leads to the temple, explaining to them to keep the shadows behind them. .
They fought two creatures of time and a harem of succubi. 
At the temple, they realized that the temple has been taken over by one of the monks that was cast out #43.  The party encountered visions of their past which haunted them and in some cases revealed hidden pasts.
After being faced with killing a celestial beast, the group escaped the room by summoning a beast and killing it there.  The room was happy with the sacrafice. 
The party then moved on to another vision and finally a final room where they saw a vision of a familiar foe, another incarnation of an enemy along wit ha beautiful elven woman.  The party had been labeled terrorists from RAgasia.
-- visions- Malenok and Raechi were in the same group of cells during the Slavery Era.
--visions-- Jur and an unknown partner had something to do with the plague in section 2, ther eis no known cure for hte plague
--visions-- A very young barley encountered a very young Vamperic form of will before he was adopted by his noble uncle.

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