Attempted Re-Cap

I am going to do my best to give a rough recap of the events over the last few weeks.  I think even those of us that have been there could benifit from it since things have been moving kind of fast.  Awhile back we ventured to the temple of the 9 dragons in order to negotiate a sort of agreement with them.  This was done so that the people of Overland would have the two strongest churches in Exodus represented.  While there we were told of the plot of the many Necromancers on Exodus to raise a Devil Lych and how the Church of the 9 Dragons had been working to thwart this.  We offered our help, but before any type of plan could be made there was a vicious attack on the church by many undead.  We did our best to help, but in the end the Dragonborn suffered a great defeat.  The high cleric having to resort to using an ability that has left him essentially in a coma.  We gathered all the survivors and brought them with is back to Overland.  At this point many desiscions had to be made.  Malenok was on his way to Korstull where he was sent in order to summon the rest fo the party.  There was also the issue of the Devil Lych.  In the end it was decided going to Korstull first and finding out what became of Rin and how it applied to the Exodus should be our first step then we were going to go to the Devil Lychs tomb and try and locate the weapon that had previously been used to slay him.  Things at Korstull however did not go as planned.  While there we encountered a group of Verrick excavaters and got set upon by a great number of undead.  It was all we could do just to survive.  In the end a Verrick wizard turn out to be a great evil being that had plauged the world in the past before the Exodus.  He turned on us with the intent of using Rin's remains to ressurect his grandmother Agression.  Toren and Malenok were able to kill him and the bard Jur was able to charm Agression.  Through agression accesing Rins memories we were able to learn that the Exodus came about as a result of a great artifact called The Torch being drained of it's power.  This was done by beings called The Fordged who had been masquerading as the Half Orc Rageseans.  In the end the one called Syxen had been betrayed by his brother Fource who had wanted to use the Torches power to become a Devil Lych.  Agression then informed us that Syxens body and The Torch were both still located in Korstull.  After we found the mutilated corpse of Syxen Toren attempted to reactivate his brain in order to question him as apparently fordged to not completely die.  This attempt was a failure.  We still however managed to gain The Torch which turned out to be a large Falchion.  This shed some light on the Devil Lych situation as we now knew that the Devil Lych was the warforged called Fource.  However with Korstul being besieged by undead and us near exhaustion it was decided that teleporting back to Overland instead of making a straightaway attempt for Fources tomb would be best.  In our haste to get back however we completely forgot about Agression who has a nice new Emerald Dragon body.  Immediately upon our return we saw Overland under attack from Undead.  It became apparent that someone was organizing the undead in an effort to keep anyone from interfearing in Fources ressurection.  After consulting Filgred and Will it was decided the best course of action would be a nights rest and then to use the time armor to go back in time and find a way to repower the torch.  Filgred believes this may be the way to reverse the exodus as well as help to destroy fource.  Well there you have it.  If I missed anything or anything was difficult to understand I apologize.  Other tasks that are kind of important as of right now are finding a way to free Filgred.  This may be accomplished by using the Torch to shatter the dagger once it has been powered, but he is not completely sure.  Freeing him may also have something to do with The First Ones.  Then there is the problem of figuring out just where Fource is being ressurected at.  Is it at the tomb?  What is his phylactery?  Tune in next week to find out.


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