Karma, IP and Oaths: Alive and Well

I thought it would be a good idea to review the Karma policy, as I may have buried it too deep in the newsletters to explain the changes.
- Players will receive 50 points of Karma for every 2 our block they remain fully in character without any interuptions to other players or the DM.  This is not a punitive system, but a system to reward players who stay in character the whole time.  This has been doubled from the former 25. If the player is not there during the entire 2 hour block, they will not receive 50 points for that 2 hours. The player of the game will receive 200 karma points.
- This is the only karma that i will reward players. Karma is earned on the website as followed
Journal: 200
Summary: 200
Commenting: 10 points
Themed Newstory(a fake news story about exodus): 100
Voting for Player of the Week: 200
- Players who do not visit the website at least once a week loose 500 karma.
- Karma is not tied to actual XP, all players earn the same XP based off of the population of overland.  However, Karma is tied into the overall "level" of the party for my records.  For instance, tons of unspent karma usually means that the party is probably underpowered.
-Karma is used to buy oath abilities, which are still an important part of the game as many of the key npcs and evil npcs have them.  (putting you at a disadvantage if you don't.  ).  Karma can also be used to buy extra population (that effects the players XP), ability xp to craft items and for use of special abilities, exchange magical items, purchase magical items that are unavailable, purchase secondary skills, purchase action cards (the only way to earn action cards other than leveling) and to purchase team feats.
- Oaths can be purchased using karma.  To purchase an ability, choose one of the Oath pledges that apply to your character. The particular warden path you choose, must be related to either the abilities, backstory or make sense with your character. Once you choose a path you may not choose oaths from other paths.
- Upon choosing a path, you may then choose your first oath ability, it can not be more than half of your level rounded .  You must meet all prereqs for this ability including having enough (ability xp) to meet xp costs.  For the shift oath, players must spend IP equal to the shift cost of the oath.  You must also meet the skill requirements.
Before the next game, the DM will choose 1 or 2 feats to take away from your character based on the power of the ability. The more balanced the oath the less and weaker the feat. 
-Influence Points
INfluence points are still used for oath abilities but can also be used to buy magical items, skill ranks and ability score boosts.  They also can be used to buy special favors which may come in handy in particular situations. 
- If you're anxious to know what you can spend IP on, click on the NPC Galleries.  Under each NPC's link, is a full description of the abilities and items that can be purchased with IP from them.

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