Hestia's message - Will's sermon

Hestia is a neutral good god whom believes in family, hearth and the community. Her clerics and paladins should be more interested in forming these things than making people worship her, as that is not their primary mission
Killing anyone whom does not want to worship the god wuld require breaking up families and decimating communities in the sake of vanity.
Also, Hestia is the only diety to touch exodus since the disaster, and her number is quite small. She has no wish to cause wars when her major function is repairing the communities of the world that were destroyed by one.
Crusades would be the farthest thing from what she wanted.
::IN game: she is disappointed that her followers would suggest such haneous acts and such talk surely does not follow the paladins or clerics code of conduct nor fall in line with the teachings of her oaths.  All of those requesting such vile acts from the god have horrible dreams in the Enuka camp as you sleep as Hestia sternly warns you that this is not her path.
Out of game: lets lay off the crusade stuff. It was a distraction yesterday and far from the original goals of the party.  Itw as strongly stressed that this campaign has clear cut good PCs and  a  religion claiming to be good  but attacking and killing those who refuse to believe is not good.
Perhaps its my own personal judgement, but I'd rather not implicate modern day religious tones into the campaign as they can often become complex.  Fantasy games seem to have an understanding, particularlly with good gods, that other gods exist and people worship them and that is ok.  Even within the Hestia Posting, it talks about how she has no temples and is accepted by other temples.  It should possibely be noted that The church of the Nine Dragons is also very acceptable of Hestia's following. 
Lesser Deity
Symbol: Hearth
Home Plane:
Alignment: Neutral Good
Portfolio: Home, hearth, family, community
Worshipers: Commoners
Cleric Alignments: CG, LG, NG
Domains: Community, Good, Protection
Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff
"In all the temples of the gods she has her share of honor and for all mortals she is of all the gods the most venerated."  The Lost Hymns
This illustrious postion belongs to an unassuming deity, Hestia.  Hestia is for the most part uninvolved in the quarrels, politics. and escapades of the other deities.  Instead, she is content with her postiion as a house deity, worshiped with simple sacrifices by simple people on tiny home altars.
    Hestia apperas a s ayoung woman with a gleam in her eyes like dancing firelight.  She is a firstborn daughter of the great god Jurken.  Courted by many other gods, she spurned them all and swore an oath to remain a virgin forever.
Hestia's faith is a simple one.  She teaches the virtues of home and family life, the sweet rewards of labor, and the blessings of food and rest.  She encourages common people to take pleasure in the gifts of life as they come, giving thanks to the gods for every earthly blessing.
Clergy and Temples
Hestia's clerics are usually common people, and often farm the land or carry on a trade in addition to organizing worship of Hestia.  Her clerics bless new homes, consecrete the hearth altars found in nearly every home, and share in family celebrations such as births, birthdays, and other rites of passages.
    Hestia has no temples of the own, but she has a place of honor in every templs.  Every hearth fire that burns in temples and in homes is and altar to Hestia, and so her honor is high indeed despite her low rank in the pantheon.


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