DM Musing Episode 33 WTF

So, 33 sessions in I feel that Sunday's session is the first session of the campaign.
Over the last few months i've done a lot of prep work to get to this points.  I was talking to rika about it yesterday, but really couldn't because I"d hate to spoil the suprise.  Butits hard to contain because it seems like such a fun concept.
On one hand, we have my favorite  ps2 game of all time, Dark Cloud 2, which was a very fun adventure.  On the other hand we have the Elders Scrolls games, which i like a lot because it gives you the illusion that you can do anything, but you have purposes to what you're doing and that's where this campaign design came from.  One one hand,there's the main quest, that the PCs can take part in if they wish to discover and save chrystaria, and hten on the other hand there's the sorta main quest to rebuild Exodus into Chrystaria.  And then along the way there are tons of side quests which could help out either of those two quests.
It also allows the party to mainly concentrate one location, so the political mind games and factions play a huge part.  Exodus itself is one large city with 12 sections of caverns.  Then there are the surface animals. 
I really hit a lot of checklists.  Easy to see goals, quanitive measurements to longterm quests, unique treasures for some of the more difficult stuff, PCs backstories, very open ended sidequests to incorporate adventures i run a cross and enjoy. 
One of the best parts as I started an outline was the various backstories of the PCs, the boychild Everest and his relationship with Will, The true origin of the Ironborn, Raechi's rejecjtion from her clan, Lauro's Clandestine escapades for Will and the culture of the Goliaths. 
Then there's the whole mess with the first ones, whom give the PCs a new collection of enemies toface. 


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