Talk about really doing a mechanic wrong. It was not until i reread the teleportation abilities of the Vector Warden since Bob retired Hairy that I realized that they only used dimension door as a very loose description. The spell actually acts like a tunnel, one in which the pc must physically be able to reach without obstructions. 
We'll just have to explain that away by saying that the ability works through force magic.  Hopefully that won't bite me in the ass. 

Traversing through the four ring vault, the party bickered among themselves on their course of action.  The vault was proving to be dangerous ant the risk vs reward was in doubt by Orlith and Lindev. 
Not too far in, they encountered several deadly traps and monsters. One, a medusa, proved tough and took its toll, turning lindev into Stone.  Odd, considering the creature was far weaker than the medusa Toren read about in many of his books.

The group rode their phantom steeds into a deserted part of the nearby forest, escaping unnoticed by the halflings.
They were ready for their plan.  The party would teleport straight into the vault. Then Toren would teleport to a recently scried place to retrieve a key. 

The party went on a rampage destroying two of the sins and regaining their souls in the swords. They also meant a third, the flesh maker, and he claims to be the toughest of them all. He scouted the party, in the mean time the group scouted him.


Congrats to Orlin for winning player of the game.  Sorry its been a rough week over here.  As far as i know we're playing this week. See you later

Good thing that year is over. Hi the summary and poll are now posted. Sorry it took a few days but i needed a break for hte holidays.  I still got two open wounds so my energy aint what it used to be.
Sadly Gabe's new position has him scheduled for sundays so he has had to drop out of the campaign for the time being.  We're still looking for 1 or 2 players now and i'm eing picky with the strangers. If you have any friends whom arel ooking for the game i'm all ears. 
Great session, very fun and very well thought out.

The party managed to get Crystalin out of Harry's clutches and revealed themselves to Brendir before doublecrossing them and leaving to retrieve what they believe to be a soul of he sword.  The plant being Olinder though has turned the dark forest she resides into a plant infested hell. 


Hi Everyone,
We had another good session last week and it really left the party in a bit of a moral dilemma.  It was very enjoable. I especially like how Lindev found himself in court at the beginning of the game and in prison at the end.
XP was provided to everyone.  Do feel free to discuss the situation with those not there online.

The party spents a few more days in Cepp, trying to figure if the empress can be trusted.  Hairy catches up with them and forces them to help him out.  Toren finds a lot of research and discoveres blueprints hidden in song notes for a gnome invention that never got off the ground. Sarah tries to communicate with the empress about her intention. Lindev tries to outsmart Hairy and ends up arrested for treason and resisting arrest.


O shyr's shaeloli si shylaes Ai'bi porylaesaer. Aelaer, jhoji iar sher
shaeraes! Olia syri shor si tyr eilol jholaendri shyr aelael shaendrol sai cyrn shar Ai tael. Si tyr shaerorer shael Ai'bi aelaes cyrn. Ai eirosi sai shi jhohi saes, eilyl Ai thaes tia theresi shor saes. Ai talyr vaeres sai Teirasai eir Ai eis. Ai shyr's shi eilaedaer. byr aelael shia os
orn col. Si tali car shael aistaeresaerdi. Cyrdaelaes, Ai pai byr shaelyl caesi aeraes. Eir Ai cali thyl teiraer, Ai cali jhyr tia vali ail si shys eir si masti sosti. Ei tesor olesaeli.

The Lindev and Toren pulled the unconscious Seth and Orliff through the unstable gate right beneath a black dragon's foot. The dragon, Orafat, was black and crushed the gate after they entered, upset because they were the second people to enter that day.  The first was a rat man and a little girl. 

Some fools errand this turned out to be Inarin!  More like you are the fool for thinking I didn't know what I was doing.  Things around here have just gotten weirder and weirder.  They defy any sense of logic or reason.  At least it seems we have saved Chrystalin.  Her unwanted tennant seems to have vacated her, but only time will tell.  Orlif and Lindev are angry with me cause I almost killed them and did kill that psychotic doctor.  Frankly I couldn't care less.  That monster deserves to burn in the worst pit of hell for everything he has done.&nbsp

Hi Chrystaians,
Hope all is well. Had a fun time this weekend.  Sorry i was late with the poll but its up now.  This was a really sollid session. I was very surprised by how a lot of things were really deduced. Can't wait until next week.
Speaking of next week, I think Gabe and Matt won't be there, which is interesting because both of you used INdomitable's boon to come back to life.  I had to read up on that, as all good things are not without a cost, but i'll pm you that.

Ai ser eir air shaer ail Kari Var. Ai molaesaelia cydi sar si baem aelael vaendrosti air sholol ei sisti os cydi sai si jhal. Sher shaerdasi sar o pai beroli sai si vaedi os Kari Var, tyraes. Ai shaeloli o tal pai kaer sol thys si oroli sar shor koli si vaedi ei vaeryl sai ser si aelaer eil shaeloli sar shi tal shol sor shas syndraeraes. Vaeri
pai byr eirderi si oroli os os wyraes ail tia maer. Ai shor vaeres sai Kari Var myl,  shor ailysarol sar shor caer iar shol si shas. Ai ser o sai caaer sol velol myria ialor  tia vaeres.
Shaer shoraer,

Ready to start back up this week. Really rejuvinated about the upcoming campaign arc as the pcs approach mid level.  If you have to do any updates to your character sheet, now may be the best time. See everyon this sunday at 4 pm

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