Believing the mysterious island was a set if mental tests, Toren led the party from location to location, attempting to use the items he had receive.

By: Will Pope

So now XP is listed as correct. I was trying a new function of the karma system which i thought let me subtype xp, so the players can see all the xp earned from the web and all the xp earned in game.  It turns out that what it did was seperate the XP into different catagories.  I thought I was going crazy last night when I found out that XP wasn't showing up on the board. I knew I delivered it. so now it should be correct.

It may sound strange, but I feel somewhat myself, for the first time in a long time.  The Flesh Smith made me feel like a lowly creature; cruelly caged and beaten for his own satisfaction.  His face still haunts me in my dreams, but no longer during my waking hours.  Having escaped his dungeon and a waiting army from Crossmark, I have finally faced the one who brought me here.  It is odd but I find it appropriate, that the one who holds much responsibility for my capture, is the one who rescued me and my companions.  We have discovered that he was in fact seeking fo

The Chrystarians (with Arden and Will), having finally defeated the evil Flesh Smith and escaping his lair, narrowly avoided a trap set by the army of Crossmark and escaped on the ship of Captain Jon Sparrow.

I have a feeling something very bad is coming our way.  We were not quick enough in the destruction of The Flesh Smith it seems.  He was still able to use his powers to set the military powers of Thraxis against us.  On top of that we broke the rules of the rings of sucession.  What I am most afraid of though is myself.  These trinketts have become part of me it seems and I cannot remove them.  Knowing so little about them and seeing what some magical items have a tendency to do to their users it makes me afraid for my safety and the safety of my friends. 

I left the game thinking how awesomely destructive a stone golem is.  That was a pretty awesome move.
I'm glad we gamed before the superbowl. it was a really fun session.  The reason why I love d andd is that anything can happen plausibility of it all. 
I also liked how the reprecussion from not disabling the rings won't play out until some time from now... (evil dm laugh)
The flesh smith had some awesome spells but because the party got to him so early, his dcs were quite weakened.  He was pretty much a custom monster.

The party, after conquering the traps of the outer ring, began to explore the 2nd ring of the Flesh Smith's lair.  Within they found another series of puzzles and traps.  It would seem this whole complex was built to test the next in succession for a long lost throne.  After searching the 2nd ring for a time, Toren's shoulder found a crossbow bolt.  It belonged to a woman, Selina,  who'd been trapped there for some time.  After disabling her and listening to her insane ramblings for a time, Arden summoned an elder elemental to protect the party from a pack of d

At long last, the Flesh Smith is no more.  In the long darkness of my captivity, two things sustained me:  The memories of the lush forests of Erde, and, when that faded, destroying the Flesh Smith.  It had sustained me all this time, it was my lifeblood.  But my sense of purpose has faded. 

The party escapes from the Brendir armies thanks to Jonathan Sparrow. 
Toren's armor finds him a new allie and a map to an island where he will find out more about the armor.
Three Headed Island shipwrecks the crew where a new adventure awaits them.


Sor air ei poraraes. Byrol car kyli vol moli si Ailystorardi thysaer. Shi car ei kyr, shi shaesi medyraer sai caer si shas aerys. Shi shaesi medyraer sai vaeres shor bolysia eir os shas.  Shi cali thalaer. Shi cali eilaedia mael si vaestal os Kari Var ail si jhardeil. Air shar shysi sal shas sys. Saesi maestaer sai shi byrol jhaes sai vaeres sai. Cali shi thalaer? Aelael ais shi caer si mys thys aelaesol si jhaladi, cali shi vaelia caelaer ais Kari Var thar sai si Vandrarael? Shaesi pai shi kai thys caesi? Pai shi vaeres sai ei vali sar tae cali taeraer sai aezor?

I can't take this anymore.  It is like the only one who even half way agrees that we should not be here and should find a way home is Sarah.  Yet even she seems to not know what she want's from one second to the next.  I got everyone on my back like our situation is all my fault.  I try to live by the Forsythe code and all it ever gets me is flack.  I have gone out of my wat at one time or another to save each and every one of them and never get any gratitude.  Sarah almost died cause I saved Orlith.  Now I find out the bastard could of saved himself at an

Written by: Peter Johnson, Exec BlueCon

Untold days have passed since I fell into that strange hole.  I remember nothing before, and little after.  One thing stands out; I was following a strange unfamiliar man...then, darkness.  Since then every day has been the same. More darkness and pain, questions whose answer I have never known.  But it seems my captivity at the hands of the vile Flesh Smith has seemingly come to an end.

After Toren emerged from the globe, the party decided to push further through, going back to the water filled room.  They pulled several activtors and encountered a young lady, selina, whom told them about the dangers in the dungeon, as well as how to solve the rings.  It was decided that the best entrance was to start from the beginning and work their way clockwise. 

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