An old sage wrote this five page document of information about Exodus. 

These are the races for Exodus


I am just placing up thisforum to discuss the new campaign.  It is after all a new beggining and I believe it is a time to bond.  I for one have made myself a bit of an outcast throughout the sessions and I will be trying ot turn a new leaf.  So, to that I think we need a bond or something that will make us work together.  I will start with my ideas about my character and then people will work from there.  No need for class or race unless you feel these will help with bringing the group together.

Tasslehoff killed a bunch of cops, Toren stole a car, and Arden blew up the US with a couple of nuclear bombs.  Toren, Sarah, Will and Tasslehoff tried to escape through a portal that Tasslehoff had forgot he had, but two nukes followed them through; one detonated inside the worm hole, but the other went to Chrystaria and created massive destruction.  The nuclear bomb worked differently on this plane, and created a massive singularity which split the plane into pieces, then smashed them all together.
p.s. sorry for killing everyone

[a shabby old man in rags approaches the camp, and takes a seat near the fire.  he asks if you wouldn't mind humoring an old man and letting him warm his bones by the fire for a bit.  he seems harmless, but his eyes are heavy and dark]
Let me tell you my story.

The group began adjusting to their life on earth, coming in contact with a dimensional travel whom said he was there to witness the end of the universe. 

So much has happened in the last 24 hours, I have only now begun putting together the pieces.  It seems the bastard Jon Sparrow took it upon himself to activate his machine, and bore us to what I at first assumed was Erde...but since I have traveled with these Chrystarians, nothing is as it has seemed.  I know the hunter's green and grey, their cloaks and coats are distinct.  There can be no others like it.  And yet, not far from the familiar coast of eastern Erde, we were set upon by a monstrous metal creature the likes of which has not been seen by anyone for half a mi

Following the completion of the Dragoon's quest on Three-Headed Dragon Island, the group boarded Jon Sparrow's ship, and headed off to find the 5th sin, this time Sloth.

The elven translator didn't work for some reason this week.

Though a fun session, I really hate that I didn't use my better judgement and reroll the initiative of the dragon.  I used a creature that was listed as cr 6 (well above the parties level) and it felt far more dangerous, even only needing three hits to die.  I didn't realize that the HP was so low for everyone. 
Which reminds me...
Hypothetically Speaking.
If you were a god and you could pick 6 races, any races, what would they be.  The races can not have LA.

The party pressed on throughout the forest, believing they were leaving things behind if they decended the staircase.  After fighting a pack of dinosaurs outside of one of the caves the party found a bunch of stones much like the ones they were collecting.

Bitter cold...a dream...I remember Erde.  I long for it.  Lush forests, endless plains, cool pure waters...this world Thraxis feels dead...or dieing.  I can feel it choking...but over it's cries my home calls.  A darkness is encroaching, I can see it sprouting from the defiled places of Erde...
Light...sound...a rush of color and warmth...

WHAT IN THE HELL WAS THAT IDIOT THINKING!  We could of found some way to beat that damned thing!  We had all these resources!  He didn't need to sacrifice himself like some damned fool.  I came on this quest to protect my friends not to watch them die because of me.  I don't care how much we couldn't stand each other.  Fighting with him was like fighting with Inarin and Pitt.  It is like I have lost another brother.  I need to get back home.  This is taking too long.  I don't know whats become of my family.  I have already lost too many

The party awoke from a terrible nights slumber and found their choice to rest had done far more harm than good.  Unable to do anything about it they pressed further on into the island in search of the Code of the Dragoon.  After wasting a bit of time at a stone alter that they could not puzzel out they saw smoke coming from a cabin in the distance.  This was quite off to them as the eccentric Dwarf Wilson had stated he was the only person on the island.  After questioning him further they discovered there was in fact at least four others, but since he does not like them

A warning slighted by the foolish
A story old of creatures cruelish
Rest ye not here, natives tell
Many creatures, great and fel
Will find you swiftly, and as fast
Devour strangers, to the last

A restless slumber, warning heeded
Ever lacking what they needed
The party set out, dwarf in tow
To what end, yet none would know
Ever puzzling, dragon's island
Bore they onward, into silence

Altar's crown, predacious liar
Vexing cavern, portal dire
Mirror man and vicious troll

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