I thought with the success of the rebellion and the deaths of those that enslaved our world that the war was over.  It seems now though that enimies from The Prophets past would seek to rekindle that war.  They threaten our dreams with acts of chaos.  Attacking our place of worship and kidnapping The Prophet.  We would not and not stand for this.  Taking the fight directly to their door.  Did we win?  Is this success?  We defeated a false goddess.  We killed enemy from The Prophets past.  We have reversed time somehow and ressurected this de

So much pain and confusion lead to this point.  Hundreds of years of slavery and darkness on a dead world.  We thought to bring peace back to Exodus by establishing order and community.  A villian from Will's past sought to take that all away.  They attacked our home and kidnapped The Prophet.  With determination and strength in our hearts and souls we braved the dead of the world above to seek and bring back Will.  We fought foul twisted creature after foul twisted creature eventually finding the hiding place of that Thaaval of a white rat Will called

I'll start with the end. Will has taken his life and we are in some kind of populated village, outside of our time. Now, as for how we ended up here...that's a surprisingly short story. Will asked us to catch a candle thief, which we were able to do easily. While doing so, we were confronted by a white rat and his quickling minions. We dispatched most of them, but the white one got away. Will asked us to investigate this attack and entrusted Lightbearer with the relics of Hestia, leaving Everest in charge of church business should anything ever happen to him.

As expected, the followers of Hestia were eager to demonstrate their fealty to the church and have agreed to follow the wisdom of Snaggletooth in our absence. United, we took the shortest route to the blasted surface, where the sun no longer shines and the fridgid air solidfies the joints. Thanks to the blessings of Hestia we were able to ignore the ill-effects of our environment and perform our sacred duties of undead-slaying. After a brief interlude in an abandoned building, we arrived at an evil temple and did battle with evil minions from the abyss.

I think one my screws was damaged during my fight with the wretched Toren. Something is off; something is odd. For the first time in over a thousand years I had a glimmer of doubt about my pious duty.  I performed a full system analysis and have determined that there is no structural damage that needs to be addressed.  Therefore I am forced to conclude that I am mistaken and no such doubt exists. It cannot exist. I am a paladin of Hestia and I am forbidden to challenge, nay, proud to acknowledge my birthright upon the altar of the gods.

It seems my fortune has taken an ill turn.  Erones' killer escaped my blade, and now Sarah and Father Will are dead.  But they will never recieve a proper burial.  Suddenly blinded by a ruby light, we found ourselves on a cobbled street, a legend on Exodus.  A city.  I have often read in my books of cities, overland cities, where buildings raised to the clouds, and instead of cold dead stars, bright sun shone and warmed the lands!  Grass, trees, fresh clean air, and no suits or spells to hold you inches from death.  But it has been a bitter journey here.&n

The day began with high hopes, the stirring words of Everest and the Hestian followers drawing a sizable crowd.  Held in thrall by Everest's proud rhetoric, the crowd redouble their faith in Hestia, and a new temporary head of the church was chosen to lead in Will and Everest's stead.  A bitter homecoming awaited Lauro, who had been out investigating the death of a cleric named Erones.  Finding Will gone, he agreed to join the search, and the party set out.  Their first clue was given them by the freed slave Sinna, who was to lead them across the frozen wastes to a custo

- The group followed Snna Through the treachorous surface world through the snow dunes and to the cabin she had brought hte statues. 

- There hte groups were ambushed by a small Rat man and a small rat/fey army.  The Rat had kidnapped Will, and was serving an Exodite, a First one whom can reverse his skeleton and move through shadows.

- Lauro's hand was severed in the attack, but Malenok managed to kill the small rat man, whom Will called hairy, before any more damage could be done. (no Hairy is not Lauro's father ;) )

"To-morrow we exercise a sacred trusteeship. We either indicate our desire that this war should be prosecuted until the world is a safe and decent place in which to live or we indicate our desire to retire from this sacred crusade."  Everest Grant "Lightbringer"

A thief was lurking in the church of Hestia.  But was it truly a thief?  Hestia teaches that possessions are meaningless and community is paramount.  Nevertheless, our wise leader Will instructed that the passages be monitored.  It was a simple enough task, but it was not the true threat.  While searching for a candle, we were beset by a band of loathsome demons and their foul followers.  It was the first time I'd seen such creatures, but the mere sight of them boiled my oil as never before.  My sword hummed with ferocity and we purged their taint from our

A great darkness has settled upon the land.  Our noble leader, Will, is no more.  Now we are at a crossroads.  It is at times such as these, times in wihch you can feel a moment passing but are unable to grasp it, that will dominate the legends in years to come.  We must now act; we must strike out from our local parish and bring the will of Hestia to the bowels of the underdark.  We must strike back against the evil threat that has brought itself unannounced to our doorstep.  The time to act is upon us.  We shall not falter!

Good day Survivors,

Great first session.  A lot of fun.  I am unable to pull your character's images off of the website because when they are loaded onto the website, they are resized so small that I can't make a token out of them, could you email them to me.

The world of Exodus is a cold and dim one, but to the few followers of Hestia, their cavern and their community is home.  The only one they have.  Until now a relative peace has existed within the confines of the community.  Today, this was shattered.  Attacked by a group of strange rat men and their mercenary faen, the Hestians found their home to no longer be safe and set out to discover the source of these attacks.  After dispatching the intruders, Will Pope revealed that the cavern had housed a bag full of immensely powerful items, and that this must be what the

After the church of Hestia was attacked, a group of followers search to figure out who was behind it.   Unfortunately, by days end, another attack had taken place and Will had gone missing.

This file covers time and the underground organization in chrystaria. 

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