The party defeated the new god trying to rise to Yuanti Kobold power and brought a barracks into the city. 


And there I stood, my destiny before me. A legion of dark abyssal minions against our meager troupe and I with but my sword and faith to shield me. We charged as I had always envisioned, blade high, spirit soaring. Our wedge drove against their numbers and scattered several to the ground. Would it be enough?

Since we came up with some wierd balance issues yesterday with the flesh points.  I think it will be easier to instead say that you may use IP points as Flesh Points. 

The party completed the trials of the enuka, bringing the tribe to the town.  They then decided to travel back to Chrystaria, and find the Goliath stronghold there.  The town leader was happy to help them, however, he first had a problem with rogue Yuant.  there hte party decided to attempt to convert the Yuanti to Hestia.


This thread is being posted as a reminder to our wonderful friend Josh of the importance of a college education. May he read this and be motivated to pursue his dreams. Or, may he read this and think "I already visited a few colleges this week--gee, I can't wait to tell the guys next session".


Hi Chrystarians,
Congratulations, everyone levels to 8 this week.  You should gain 1 ability point as normal with every 4th level.  As this is an even level, you may either gain a feat or gain an oath or ability.  We'll roll HP at session.
Difference in XP

Hestia is a neutral good god whom believes in family, hearth and the community. Her clerics and paladins should be more interested in forming these things than making people worship her, as that is not their primary mission
Killing anyone whom does not want to worship the god wuld require breaking up families and decimating communities in the sake of vanity.

Why, adjacent to three mountain ranges, are there no rocks to be found? Is it the will of Hestia that we not build a temple in her honor? Is she trying to convey a larger sense of community by forcing us to remain out in the open rather than beneath the confines of a four-walled church? Perhaps it is the will of a greater deity? One of the arch-divine that rules over all and everything?

We found ourselves, by the will of Hestia, marooned in another time and place. But through the bonds of community, we found our way back to the blighted wasteland we are honored to call home.  Will and the Mouthpiece joined efforts to summon a giant globe of Hestia, which we began to fill with unclaimed souls. A temple is on the way and I intend to toil many hours in its construction in honor of our goddess. Now only if I could find some rocks.


After assembling the mysterious black and blue armor, the party is taken back through time to Gate Pass, soon after the new year.


So, 33 sessions in I feel that Sunday's session is the first session of the campaign.
Over the last few months i've done a lot of prep work to get to this points.  I was talking to rika about it yesterday, but really couldn't because I"d hate to spoil the suprise.  Butits hard to contain because it seems like such a fun concept.

Although we have just arrived in this new world, it feels like almost 2 weeks have passed.  In my mind's eye, I envisioned a great journey down a road of disrepair and an encounter with an abandoned building. Although I had believed it to be occupied it was not.  I stared at the great monument for several minutes before returning to the road and journeying back to this blasted landscape.  Is it a prophecy? Only the gods know.

Just to be sure, are we playing this weekend? 3/30


Hope everyone had a good easter. 
Congrats to LIghtbringer again for winning player of the week with his intense devotion to faith. 
I posted the final document, a writeup of he rules for AoO and special attacks.  This is a cut and pasted document from Paizo's Pathfinder RPG which is another post 3.5 document.

Attached are the expanded rules for AofO and special attacks.  Essentially, with special attacks you roll your base attack + size modifier + qualifying skill vs a DC which is a similiar rol. The skill used changes depending on who is attacking and defending and what the attack is.  Whereas a grapple uses the skill hold to defend a grapple you use escape artist.

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