Hi guys,
Just a reminder for this week. I erred in my talking at the last session. Your damage should only be doubled if your base attack is equal to 11, not your level. 

It has been little less than an ingame month and the town of overland is steadily growing.  At 4,021.  You may gain 12th level.
Congrats to Jur last week for winning player of the game.  Overland welcomes the official church of Hestia to Overland as well as our new Taylor Way'lan.  Wayl'an has influenced the happiness of the town whereas Will has begun teaching classes and increasing happiness and education of the land.  As well his newly trained priests are aiding in the defense and law of the land as well. 

The party teleports back to town, but find that the yare in the midst of a large scale undead invasion.  The group manage to defeat the wraths around town and decide that their best chance is to restore the Torch of the Burning sky.


Tomorrow we make another journey back to Chrystaria in an attempt to restore the Torch to its full power.  Filgred believes this to be the key to restoring Exodus.  I can only pray to Hestia that we are doing the right thing.  These ideas and things Filgred spouts about time travel and paradoxes none of it makes any sense to me.  The only thing I do know is that he himself said if we push too hard everything we know will come to an end.  Hestia guide us.  Help us restore the world to what it was and help us defeat the Devil Lych Fource.

I probably should be more winded, but good session. It really paced well and it should be interesting to see what happens in Chrystaria.  I wondered if the party even remembered how to time travel.

The party recovers from a successful assault on the castle of Korstull after returning to Overland.  In the mean time, the devil lich's ressurection may be near.


Hi all there was no game last weekend, so we are playing this week as if it were last. 
We will be starting game at 5 p.m. this week.  Sorry, got to go to dinner with dad first, but at 5 p.m. we will be back home and ready to play.
Read last week's newsletter to get up to speed. 

Hi all there was no game last weekend, so we are playing this week as if it were last. 
We will be starting game at 5 p.m. this week.  Sorry, got to go to dinner with dad first, but at 5 p.m. we will be back home and ready to play.

HI Chrystarians,
Good session this weekend.  The guest was really good and I would'nt mind him coming back.  Though I'm not sure if I"m ready for a permanent six player yet ( i still want to get some more estrogen in the room).
Everyone should level up their character to 11.  Again, use the pathfinder Alpha version 3 book downloadable online.  Also, I am allowing the feats to be used from the Experimental Book of Might 2
Your city stats are

The group explored the top floor of Korstulls Castle, only to find an old enemy of the groups in deception and the dragon agression.  Of course without the song of forms it may only be a matter of time before he arrises again. 


The party decides to investigate Korstull first, fighting hordes of undead and eventually sealing off the castle from the dozens of undead armies outside.  They fought a layer of demons who remained from the hell dimension that finally faded away.  Unfortunately, the party may have lost Lauro as he was petrified by the Retriever demon, a four legged beast with eye stalks like a beholder. 
A group of adventures, mostly Verriks, were at the castle as well, hoping to gain the spoils of the new adventure site. 

HOpe all had a good mother's day.
We'll continue game this Sunday.  I want to make sure that I get your correct village information.  So I'llsend out another newsletter from home tomorrow. 
Congrats to Malenok and Everest for winning player of the game.
Talk to you later,

The party took a bit of rest before visiting the only temple of the church of the nine dragons.  But only some of them went, as Malenok flew to an old castle, Castle Kornov, of what he believes could be the final resting place of a family member and might lead to more undertanding of the calamities that caused the Exodus.  The rest of the group are suppose to join him in a few days.

This will be short and sweet. As we progress in teh campaign i needed to define out the systems which i did.  here is what you guys know about them

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