The new campaign Darkpaths has launched.  Darkpaths is is a campaign set in the world of Goralon, from the pathfinder campaign setting. The campaign is a local level campaign, which means most of the adventures will take place in a specific region, specifically the countries of Molthune, Nidal and Nirmathas.  The PCs come upon a nameless border town that has been queitly bought up, and must figure out if they will serve the empire of Nidal or make their own path.
The website is at www  darkpaths   com

It is with a heavy heart that this campaign has come to an end.  It has been in the work for weeks, a wonderful ending as the Trillith threat is captured and Exodus ceases to exist, thus Chrystaria continues to flourish on its own. 

The highly anticipated trial involving a recent ironborn attack on innocent bystanders in Overland set to start in two weeks is already causing waves amongst the populace. As local civic leaders attempt to maintain control, word is spreading that the council is divided about what action to take with this rather unique situation. Ironborn founder and Church of Hestia devotee, Lightbearer was arrested yesterday after he rampaged through town two days ago in a stunning murder spree which left numerous Overlanders dead and their families stunned.

Diverting from their aim to bring an economy to overland, the group, went back to overland and discovered turmoil. Lightbearer and some unknown metal creature laid waste to a quarter of the town, killing many of victims.
Reorganizing priorities, Everest, Raechi and Malenok helped the cleanup of the town and tried to figure out what happened. All that Lightbearer was heard saying during the attacks was that he was setting things right and that he was looking for Everest, Malenok and Barley.

Mog Central -- Update
119 were killed and 434 people were left injured when one of the town's founders and defenders of light "Lightbearer" began attacking citizens.  Will, leader of the church of Hestia, believes that the Ironborn has gone bezerk.
Witnesses claim that crazed Ironborn repeated one phrase during his attack, "This is Inevitable".  As a precaution, acting council president Cecil has asked that all Ironborn, including himself, be inspected by Cid to insure that it is the incident is isolated.

The party defeated their old enemies and 41 to recover the Rin's Soul and power the Torch of the Burning Sky..  The party traveled back to Chrystaria and used it to restore the sun and free Filgred, though Filgred seems to have lost his time travel power.


The party discovered a young pale elven woman i nthe forest, Fayne, whom brother was kidnapped by the elven guard.  While Toren and Raechi followed, Barley and Jur, posing as lost villagers from Lanai went back to the camp. Malenok befriended the elven woman and agree to free her brother from the prison.

The party arrived in Gate Pass to realize that the city is under martial law.  This is obviously the time before the great attacks.  The party needed to find a way out, and after investigating their options attempted to convince the tailor to let his shipments out.

I am going to do my best to give a rough recap of the events over the last few weeks.  I think even those of us that have been there could benifit from it since things have been moving kind of fast.  Awhile back we ventured to the temple of the 9 dragons in order to negotiate a sort of agreement with them.  This was done so that the people of Overland would have the two strongest churches in Exodus represented.  While there we were told of the plot of the many Necromancers on Exodus to raise a Devil Lych and how the Church of the 9 Dragons had been working to thwart this

I thought it would be a good idea to review the Karma policy, as I may have buried it too deep in the newsletters to explain the changes.

All good things must come to an end
Darkness is coming.. What path will you choose?

I'd love to get in a game before gencon.  Whose available at 11 a.m. Sunday to about 5 p.m. 
I have to be on a train by 6 p.m. so this works with my schedule.  LEt me know if this works  for anyone. 

I got word today at work that August 10th I'll bein Chicago, so this upcoming session (August 3rd) will be our last game until August 24th. 
BTW, there's some new info on the webpage.

Just a reminder that we'll be getting together this week and next.  Crossing fingers and hoping everyone's here.
The decreases in many of the town stastics relate to events fallout from this week and evelations this week.
Shoot me an email if you have questions.

Ready to get things started for this weekend. I'll post the rest of the calender next week. The dates we are playing are July 27th, August 3rd, and August 10th. Then we're off August 17th
See you Sunday at 4

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